Saturday, March 14, 2015


So I may be getting a little ahead of myself by posting DIY's before I've even introduced myself. Let me tell you a little bit about me and my family. I am a 37 year old, full time working mommy and wife. I've been married, oh so very happily, to the love of my life for almost 6 years and we have an amazingly, let's say, "spirited" 17 month old daughter.

My husband and I have always tried to live healthy and tend to err on the side of holistic methods regarding wellness rather than traditional medicine. When I found out I was pregnant I took my affinity for natural, organic foods and holistic medicine to a whole other level. Once my daughter was born, I wanted to find a way to help keep us all healthy and limit all of those "sick visits" I heard other mommy's always talking about. Enter doTERRA. We integrated doTERRA essential oils into our routine when our baby was about 8 weeks old and I can not even begin to explain the benefits we have all experienced. Let's just say I have had to take B to one sick visit and it ended up being an ear infection that I took care of with essential oils. I can truly say doTERRA has changed our lives and, if you want, I can help it change yours as well.

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